Engine care in the summer

South Africa’s incredible summer season is in full swing, but warmer temperatures also create different operational needs for your vehicles and machinery. We highlight a few recommendations below.

In the peak heat of summer, engine temperatures can skyrocket from the standard 75°C to as high as 130°C. Keeping your car’s engine well-lubricated will prevent it from overheating—preventing mid-journey driving issues and potentially irreparable damage. There are more moving parts in modern engines than ever before, which allows them to operate at higher temperatures. However, you need to keep these moving parts well-oiled to keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently. A high-quality lubricant can prevent your engine from overheating by absorbing and regulating heat, protecting critical engine components, and conserving fuel.

Seasonal weather shifts can also often lead to low engine fluids as they tend to thin or even evaporate in warm temperatures. When summer comes around, you’ll want to top off your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid and coolant. Coolant fluid is particularly important to check during summer’s soaring temperatures, as its job is to keep your engine from overheating. If you’re not comfortable checking your coolant levels, get in touch with our team to arrange a comprehensive consultation.

Regardless of your concerns this season, our team of energy experts are here to assist. In addition to offering our clients a complete product Bumper to Bumper offering of Minerals, Synthetics, Food-Grades, Biodegradables and AdBlue, we also offer oil analysis services, equipment monitoring and lubrication surveys. We believe in investing in partnerships for the long-haul and will gladly assist with any of your product enquiries. Email info@moovfuel.co.za.