Synthetic Oil and Lubricants: Unpacking the benefits for the mining industry

Mining constitutes a vital pillar of the South African economy. As per insights provided by PwC, export data from the South African Revenue Service reveals that mined material exports reached an impressive value of R575 billion in the first half of 2023. This figure represents approximately 58% of South Africa’s total exports to its trading partners.

However, this significant contribution comes with its challenges, particularly in terms of equipment maintenance and longevity. In the mining sector, where the smooth operation of heavy machinery is essential for productivity, the choice of lubricants holds immense significance. Synthetic lubricants have emerged as a strategic solution, offering advanced formulations and superior performance characteristics to meet the rigorous demands of mining operations. Our CEO, Fabian Magerman, shares some insights below.

Why are Synthetic Lubricants Ideal for the Mining Industry?

“Synthetic lubricants are advanced lubricating oils formulated from synthetic base oils and additives. Unlike conventional mineral-based oils derived from crude oil, synthetic lubricants are manufactured through precise chemical synthesis processes,” says Magerman. “They have developed a reputation for offering a variety of key advantages that make them well-suited for the rigorous demands of mining operations. Firstly, their superior temperature stability allows them to perform reliably in both extreme heat and cold conditions, ensuring consistent lubrication across a wide range of operating temperatures. This is particularly important in mining environments, where equipment may be subjected to high temperatures from intense friction and heavy loads,” says Magerman.

“Secondly, synthetic lubricants are also known for providing better engine protection, reducing friction and minimising wear on critical components of mining machinery. This helps to extend equipment lifespan and minimise downtime due to maintenance and repairs, resulting in cost savings and improved operational efficiency,” continues Magerman.

“Thirdly, synthetic lubricants are also known for exhibiting for excellent resistance to oxidation and degradation, maintaining their performance and integrity over extended periods of use,” says Magerman. “This translates to longer oil change intervals and reduced maintenance requirements, allowing mining companies to optimise their maintenance schedules and minimise disruptions to operations.”

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