Technology that keeps you moving. We chat to our CEO, Fabian Magerman.

Artificial Intelligence, used by so many industries to predict trends, manage stock levels, handle large levels of data and so much more, is also being harnessed by companies within the energy industry to predict trends, improve performance, automate processes and generally make their operations more efficient and cost-effective—and MOOV Fuel is no exception. MOOV aspires to become the biggest supplier of petroleum, lubricants and LPG across the continent—and technology plays a big role in executing that vision.

We took a moment to chat to our CEO, Fabian Magerman, about this in more detail.

Fabian, please tell us how MOOV is currently using technology to advance the business?

“Technology plays a key role in helping us assist our clients with their fuel management – simply at the click of a button,” says Fabian. “The technology we use acts as a data management tool and reporting service, which assists our clients with support systems like:

  • Automatic tank level management: Automatic tank level management assists our customers with real-time data on how to manage the product (fuel and lubricants) in their tanks or mobile units. This enables them to plan better and make better financial decisions. This data can be anything from a price increase or decrease, to cash flow or wet stock control. Through electronic automatic tank gauging, we are able to set notifications that send SMSes or emails to our customers, notifying them that their fuel or lubricant levels are running low. The fact that we have live access to the tanks relieves our clients of a significant amount of stress—as it allows us to manage their levels and allows our clients to focus on their businesses.
  • Fuel and lubricant dispensing management: Our fuel and lubricant dispensing units refer to fuel pumps and grease pneumatic pumps. Contamination is a big risk in our business and can easily occur when mixing different lubricants with each other. By providing our customers with the right equipment we are able to help eliminate this risk and ensure that their storage complies with the correct HSSE standards.
  • Self-bunded tanks: Self bunded tanks refer to transportable bulk tank storage and handling of diesel, petrol, and lubricants that are equipped with a pump/meter and filter. Our diverse range of innovative and environmentally responsible steel and plastic storage solutions offer dispensing and management systems in capacities ranging from 200 to 100,000 litres – which is ideal for a wide variety of applications in the following sectors – industrial, agricultural, road haulage, mining, manufacturing, and construction—as their projects often run on a 12 to a 24-month contract. We can assist them by moving these storage tanks where and when required,” concludes Fabian.

The future of Big Data, AI and automation in the energy sector certainly sounds promising, and we are excited to witness what MOOV is going to achieve in the months to come.