At MOOV Retail, our biggest asset is our customers and retailers. Building strong relationships and always putting the customer first forms part of our core values. We understand the frustrations and challenges that fuel retailers face on a day-to-day basis—as they try and balance legislative and industry standards, along with the threat of declining volumes and profits.

As your fuel and lubricant partner, we can help to alleviate common frustrations that other suppliers often overlook.

We see ourselves as leaders within the Petroleum industry, through effectively delivering product to our retailers and offering digital fuel management solutions.

We are currently servicing 86 filling stations all over the Western Cape, which includes sustainable fuel delivery, marketing, training, strategic growth opportunities and infrastructure development.

Whether you are a small service station located in a close-knit rural community or a large truck stop located on a bustling national highway, we’re able to assist.

Petrol ULP 95

Diesel 50ppm



Self-bunded tanks refer to transportable bulk tank storage and handling of Diesel, Petroleum, and lubricants that are equipped with a pump/meter and filter. Our diverse range of innovative and environmentally responsible steel storage solutions offer dispensing and management systems in capacities ranging from 200 to 100,000 litres.

We also offer retailers the benefit of a digital fuel management system, which provides numerous reports based on past and current data. This system also assists with forecasting, ordering quantities, wet stocks and stock on hand.

At MOOV Fuel, we understand that visiting a service station is no longer just about fuel sales, but also about convenience shopping. Customers appreciate being able to pick up supplies, including groceries, health or fast food, in an accessible location. We’re proud to partner with the following brands in this regard: